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Bringing Out the Best in You!

I started Bringing Out The Best In You! as an opportunity to help everyday professionals realize their full potential and help them achieve the dreams they feel are just out of reach. I wanted to have a platform where I was free to coach my clients in an open, completely non-judgmental environment where I can utilize the tools and techniques I have learned and tailor my coaching to match the needs of each individual client. At Bringing Out The Best In You!, you can have complete confidence that you are receiving the best coaching experience that is custom designed to your situation and together we will get you to the top of the mountain, surface of the moon or wherever your dreams take you.

About Me

My name is Brittany Ehrick. I am married and have been with my husband for 10 years. I am a lover of dogs, horses, being outside and camping. However, what I love doing the most is being a life purpose coach. I like working with individuals that are looking to build trust within a partnership of coach and client. I am the kind of coach that leans on my values. I am open-minded and judgment free; it’s the only way I coach.


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I was curious as to what a Life Coach did and was blessed to have met Brittany. I decided to give it a whirl as I was stuck in an area of my life and just couldn't decide on things, nor did I want to stay in that rut. Well to my surprise I learned so much about myself. Brittany has a way of asking questions until I get it, so I fully understand. Her patience and persistence (due to my not understanding) was so wonderful and and I'm so glad she did pursue as I learned more than I even thought was possible. I also wanted to make things in my life better, was willing to work at it, just had NO clue how - and that is where Brittany cleared things up. I also learned about my true passions in life and am on a road I always dreamed of, but never really knew how to get on there, nor did I think it was possible. I am so thankful for Brittany, as I would still be stuck wondering and I am now happy to say I am on a road to my dream, plus loving the ride! If anyone wants to really look at things and make changes to improve - I highly recommend Brittany, as she will rock your world as you know it!
I just want to thank you for all that you have helped me with. With your coaching, my confusion on things in my life have been cleared up. I love how there is no judgement, just true concern, help and enlightenment. I have learned so much about myself and the "why" I do things, which in turn helps me to make the changes I want to make. I love how you pursue certain areas until I truly understand and get that "ah ha" moment. I still have work to do, but I am so confident and willing as there is now the Light at the end of the Tunnel! I am not ever going to be STUCK again!
Coaching with Brittany has been quite the adventure; one filled with laughter, tears, anger, anxiety, and ultimately, fulfillment. She has an uncanny ability to take you back to an emotion that you have experienced and help you to feel it again, allowing you to revisit and rework that memory into something positive. What really helps is that Brittany has been through some major stuff in her life and can relate to almost anything you throw her way. It is quite amazing how connected many aspects of our past are and how they can hold us back or cause us anger and anxiety in the present moment. This is definitely some powerful stuff and I am very grateful to have met Brittany and to have embarked on this journey. There have been moments where I was very frustrated and even upset with her, but she is just the 'messenger' and once you can get past that, you will realize the potential for personal growth. She is a take charge kinda gal and she will get things done! Just show up, be honest, and the rest will follow. Healing takes time, so do not get discouraged if stuff gets stirred up and you feel bad, it will pass and you will eventually feel a little bit lighter… one step closer toward being the best possible version of yourself. Thanks Brittany!
Christopher R.
What I enjoy the most about being coached by Brittany is how she understands the different levels to bring you from the bottom to the top and reach deep inside to let go of the tension that keeps you from moving forward in life and keep growing. Brittany has opened my eyes to opportunities of continuing my career and keeping my passions in life of composing music and being a radiologist in the animal field. Brittany has made me realize that coaching is right for me because it mentally opens up an atmosphere that I have held deep inside of me, like weights. I've never had a coach before but my life has changed since working with Brittany and it is getting better and better. What do i get out from Coaching? My Motivation, a weightless spirit, and enthusiasm about what lies before me in the days ahead.
Marcos H.
I first met Brittany in my salon when she came in for hair and make-up; We clicked instantly. She first started to help us with my stepson and now she is helping my husband and I. She has helped us in so many ways. She has a great way of redirecting what we say to better understand each other. She has shown me how to set goals and stick to them. She is very loving and kindhearted. The thing I love the most about her is her big heart. I would highly recommend her.
Brittany has been an amazing personal coach. She is one of the most kind, caring people I've ever met. She has been patient yet motivational with me on our journey together. She has shown me things about myself that I didn't know existed or that I may have taken for granted. I am pursuing my greatest passions in life, which I never thought possible, and I have Brittany to thank for that. If it wasn't for her encouragement and support, I would not have pushed myself to pursue the things I love.
Brittany B.
I met Brittany when I decided to turn my life around. It was at a hot yoga session and she simply appeared out of the ether; I just couldn’t ignore her presence in the room. On impulse I approached her and we spoke for a short while. It was like a higher power intervened and, poof – I had a life coach. When the universe offers you something as pure and honest as Brittany Ehrick it is hard to say no, she wowed me from the start. Anyone can claim to be a life coach. The trick is finding someone who can truly connect with you, motivate and abstain from judgment. This is Brittany Ehrick. She is simply the brightest and most authentic life coach I have ever met. Brittany is perfectly present, attentive and insightful. She sees where you are, finds you, and helps you show yourself where you want to go...and GET THERE! There aren’t fake “you can do it”s or overly simple goal and task organizing sessions. The work you’ll do with Brittany blends the personal, professional, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a holistic package that might put your therapist out of business! Her impact on my life since we started coaching has been one of the pillars of my development and I cannot recommend her enough! Thanks Brittany for being the bright shining star that guides all us other stars back home ~ With Love


When scheduling an appointment with me, I have a few questions that I believe you should ask yourself that may help you decide if I am the right coach for you:

  • Why am I looking for a life coach?
  • What do I want to get out of coaching?
  • What results am I expecting?
  • How much time and money do I have to put into myself and future?
  • Do I want to meet in person with Brittany or over the phone?

Asking yourself these questions and answering truthfully will help you determine if coaching is the right path for you. If you can ask yourself these questions and still come to the decision that coaching is the best path for you than you are ready for coaching and I am excited to guide you on this beautiful journey. I truly can’t wait to meet you and help clear the thoughts of living in the past and future so that you can start living in the now and begin your journey to finding your true path.

Brittany Ehrick

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