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About Me

My name is Brittany Ehrick. I am married and have been with my husband for 10 years. I am a lover of dogs, horses, being outside and camping. However, what I love doing the most is being a life purpose coach. I like working with individuals that are looking to build trust within a partnership of coach and client. I am the kind of coach that leans on my values. I am open-minded and judgment free; it’s the only way I coach. I never have an agenda, which means I’m only looking out for the best in you. You will always have my undivided attention during our sessions, either on the phone or in person.

When I meet someone that is a great fit, I work with them for one hour a week for a few months or even several years. The type of person I look for are individuals that are open minded, loving, caring and are ready for change. I love working with people that are tired of just going through the motions of life; tired of dealing with stress and anxiety and are ready to start working for a positive change. When you are ready, I will guide you with love and strength and watch you become the person you want to be and choose the life you want to live. These transformations are the fuel that keep me going every day. I am fulfilled when I get the chance to watch someone rebuild the trust and love within themselves. I look forward to Bringing Out The Best In You!

“It's hard to get rid of the gremlins inside you because they were holding you when nobody else would.”

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